are committed to helping everyone realize their true potential by supporting those that are bullied online, changing the behavior of the bullies themselves and through education – preparing this and further generations for a safe and positive digital future.


Students Trained

Hours of Training sessions

Why is it difficult to Control Cyberbullying?

Assume a classroom, a student writes “Haseeb is a fat ugly guy”  and passes it on. Everyone reads, laughs and pass it on to other students. Ultimately, the teacher notices it. She snatches, tears it apart and punishes the student. Problem solved. Assume a...

CHEEB and CPLC Sindh Join Hands to Fight Cyberbullying in Sindh

Our team met controller of Citizen Police Laison Committee Sindh and discussed rising issue of Cyberbullying in Pakistan. CPLC team was very inspired by the work we have done on awareness of Cyber Bullying all across Pakistan. CHEEB team agreed on data sharing with...

Safe Use of Internet – Workshop with Sindh Rangers

We are thankful to Sindh Rangers for allowing to do the workshop with their Officers and Clerical staff on the Safe Use of Internet. It was a very interactive session with them Our team not only discussed the safe use of Internet being a citizen but also how it is...